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Post Date: May, 28th 2012 | By: Jeff Weidemoyer
We have been on hiatus for several months now, but I just wanted to clarify this status. This does not mean this is the last of YCYF, there will just be a new focus when the re-launch comes to life. I expect this to occur late 2014, or possibly in early 2015.
The new focus will be directed towards Southeastern Pennsylvania to start, and branch in all directions from there. Until than, thank you all for your support, and please follow the sister site to YCYF (created by Jeff Weidemoyer and Sultan Riaz), School of Elite Talent (www.schoolofelitetalent.com) for all of your music, art, and modeling needs!

Jeff Weidemoyer- (Co-founder / Webmaster)
Your City Your Fun L.L.C.www.yourcityyourfun.com
School of Elite Talent / www.schoolofelitetalent.com

Jeff Weidemoyer

Jeff Weidemoyer

I am 23. I am a dude, but not a bro. I enjoy writing music for my project ADP, as well as discovering great music everyday through SOET, and discovering great new local establishments through YCYF. I enjoy life. I enjoy friends and family. I am the founder of www.yourcityyourfun.com and co-founder of www.schoolofelitetalent.com. I am a happy dude. Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania.

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