Post Date: February 27, 2012 | By: Jeff Weidemoyer

Before going to Tony’s lunch, I had in my head that it was a dimly lit place where hard working guys went to sit around a counter on stools, drink coffee and eat some good lunch. This was not exactly what I encountered… Tony’s lunch was very clean and spacious, with super friendly employees. The service was very prompt and courteous and the food came out pretty quick. Everyone working there asked how I was doing, how things were etc., which was a nice touch.

The menu was small, but interesting. They say they are home to the “famous and original screamer and growler.” The screamer is a cheeseburger with hot sauce, onions and butter, while the growler is a hotdog with hot sauce, onions and mustard. When I think of a lunch restaurant, even a small one, I think of different kinds of sandwiches, appetizers and salads. It seemed like Tony’s Lunch wanted to keep things simple and what they are accustomed to.

I decided to go for what I thought was the most interesting item on the menu; the fluff burger. This is basically a screamer with marshmallow on it. I then ordered a diet pepsi and cheese fries. I didn’t notice until my food had arrived that the order taker didn’t ask how I wanted my burger cooked. It arrived what I would call between medium-well and well done, which is perfect because that’s how I prefer my burgers.

When the food came out I got wide eyed; the fries overflowed the paper boat they were in, and waterfalled all over my plate. The burger was on its own small plate with onions bursting at the seams. I had a separate boat just for cheese whiz, and there was a ton of it. The fries were fresh cut and perfectly fried: Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Even though they were delicious there were so many I couldn’t finish all of them. Whenever I get cheese on the side at other restaraunts it seems like they never give enough, but Tony’s was on top of it.

The first bite into my marshmallow hot sauce burger was really unlike any other burger experience. The sweet taste of the marshmallow was very apparent, and the hot sauce was unlike any other I’d ever tried. After a couple more bites the heat caught up to me, and stayed with me through the rest of the meal. Not overwhelming, but certainly fiery on my tongue and cheeks. The hot sauce is hard to describe, as it is really nothing like a Tabasco, Texas Pete, or Sriracha. It almost seems like a paste, but I would have to see it alone without all my other toppings to truly understand.

You have to eat the burger relatively fast unless you want to finish with a fork. When the marshmallow melts from the heat it gets super messy, but there is an abundance of napkins on the table to help with that. I have to say, I was not impressed by the burger patty. It seemed dry, and not very flavorful. Maybe it was a very low fat content? Maybe it was straight ground beef and no seasonings? The other flavors that were added in the form of condiments certainly helped, but I would have preferred a juicier more flavorful patty.

Overall it was a decent lunch. Certainly something out of the ordinary flavor wise, and the place had a sense of down home cooking to it. The value was great. My whole meal came to under $7.50, and with the amount of food it was a great deal. Tonys Lunch isn’t something to write home about, but is an every now and then, when you are in the mood kind of place.


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